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Strengths of the Total Engineering Solution
�G���W�j�A�����O �Y�Ƌ@�B�E���u �����E�‹��R���T���e�B���O �����e�i���X We will demonstrate our knowledge and achievements based on the abundant technology developed by working with Mitsubishi Materials and correspondence with affiliated companies.
Mitsubishi Materials Techno provides consistent services from creating designs to completion/ moving assistance, based on our technologies in processing engineering, groundwork/construction engineering, mechanical/electrical engineering, and air conditioning.

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There are 50 Sales Dept. Offices and divisions nationwide to meet your needs.

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Implementation of planning, production and construction in corresponding fields
As a multidisciplinary engineering company, we provide the planning, construction, and maintenance of various facilities; as well as the planning, production, automation, and energy saving for various machines.

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  • Facilities Machineries
    We have a wide range of products from padded processors and aluminum can equipment to casting equipment.

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  • Do you have problems dealing with contaminated soil and ground water?
    You are not the only company with this issue. We recommend that you proactively deal with this problem.
  • Do you have any concerns regarding radiation?
    It is important to know the concentration of radioactive substances and radiation levels to resolve any uncertainty and questions.
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